Saturday, October 10, 2009

Capture screen shots with Windows Vista Snipping Tool

In the old days, if you want to capture some pictures on your screen, you have to use the Print Screen button of your keyboard and save the image from the clipboard. Now, if you are using Windows Vista Home Premium edition, or other editions of Business, Ultimate or Enterprise, you can use the free Snipping Tool to capture screen shots.

The Snipping Tool can be accessed from the Start button at the desktop's left-buttom corner: All Programs->Accessories->Snipping Tool.

If you are like me who could not see it, you should add it via the Control Panel: select  Programs->Programs and Features->Turn Windows feature on or off (you need Administrator privilege to do it). In the dialogue, check the Tablet PC Optional Components.

Now you have the Snipping Tool installed.

See? We should not blame ourselves not having this useful tool installed. Who would know that a regular PC should install Tablet PC optional components? I guess only Microsoft knows.

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